There are many debates (especially around Halloween) about if haunted houses exist or if they can be explained away by science.  No matter what you believe it’s always a good idea to check and see if it’s the scientific "haunting" before you jump to the conclusion that it’s paranormal.  There are some things that can make a house feel haunted but really they are perfectly explainable.

What one person might think is a ghost is really infrasound.What is infrasound?  Basically infrasound (or low frequency sound) is any sound that has a frequency that is lower than 20 hertz per second.In humans, frequencies that are lower than 20 hertz per second can cause some really weird effects such as anxiety, chills and extreme sorrow.Lots of things can produce infrasound, but it is most commonly associated with storms and winds as well as music.To tell if this is your problem and not a ghost, purchase (or borrow from someone) a frequency meter and walk around your house, paranormal investigators use these devices too to check that the levels are where they are supposed to be.If you find any area that has a low frequency sound then that’s likely the culprit and not a ghost!

Often times people who experience a “haunting” feel cold spots or chills.This feeling can be attributed to a draft in the house.Not only are drafts a bad thing to have when trying to determine if your house is haunted, they can also be very costly to you.A draft means that somewhere there is cold air coming into your home from the outside, making heating cost more money.You want to find the area with the draft immediately so that you can patch it up and then keep those cold spots away, the ghosts out and more money in your wallet.

When ion levels are unbalanced in your home that can cause some mood changes in people.If there are more negative ions in the room, then there are more positive effects such as feeling relaxed, where as positive ion are known to help contribute to feeling gross and having a headache.Often times, people who live in a haunted house report headaches and feeling in general icky.So there could be an imbalance of positive ions in the house.Get an ion counter to help determine if this is your problem.There are many different causes to ion generation like the weather, but one that could be harmful to your family is radon gas.Check your home for radon gas and if it is present fix it and get those ions back in order!

Carbon Monoxide
Carbon monoxide is very dangerous to your family, it is odorless, colorless and a gas, so it’s pretty hard to detect.Some common symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning is weakness, confusion, nausea, hallucinations and death.There is a famous case of a family in 1921 that were plagued by a haunted house.Some of the things they experienced were slamming doors, footsteps in rooms that were empty, apparitions and feelings of tiredness and depression. Plants were dying and when they investigated a little further, they found that their furnace was not working properly. The gas that was supposed to be going into the chimney was getting pushed into the house.The culprit to all their issues? Carbon Monoxide.Once the furnace was fixed and the home was aired out, all activity ceased.If you are experiencing any symptoms like these, you should get a carbon monoxide detector in your home and find the problem right away. Carbon monoxide could kill you, and then you’d be the ghost haunting the house for its next owner!

There you have it, haunted houses explained. As always check these potential haunting culprits first, if it’s none of these, then maybe you do have a true haunting on your hands. Share your experiences with a haunted house with us! We will post the most terrifying on our Facebook page!