Bordered by the St. Louis River, Morgan Park is a historic community that still thrives today. With just above 6,000 residents, the neighborhood of Morgan Park is a beautiful place to call home.

Built by U.S. Steel in the early 1900s, Morgan Park was somewhat isolated due to the fact that only U.S. Steel Corporation employees could live there until the 1930s when it was deeded to the city of Duluth. Morgan Park was originally named “Model City” but was renamed in 1913 in honor of U.S. Steel’s founder J.P. Morgan. Eventually the steel plant declined and was shut down completely in 1981, yet, the historic nature of the community still shines.

Historic Houses
The majority of the homes in Morgan Park are Prairie style with low-pitched roofs, gables, and wide, overhanging eaves. The houses here are very sturdy and built of mostly Minnesota-made Portland cement from the community’s U.S. Steel plant due to the low maintenance of the material. The neighborhood has renewed its beautification efforts and the pride in the community and homes is stronger than ever.

Sense of Community
The community of Morgan Park comes together in many ways to better the neighborhood and make everyone feel welcome and included. From loads of volunteers building a new playground and community gardens to local events such as the May Annual Cleanu, Breakfast with Santa, and Flower Fest, the residents of Morgan Park come up with many ways to create a wonderful sense of community.

Local Businesses & Restaurants
In this small neighborhood, there are various businesses and restaurants including Morgan Park Sales & Services, SuperAmerica, Bethany Crisis Center, Pine Street Woods, Iron Mug Coffee House, and Top Shelf Systems.

Places of Worship
Morgan Park features the United Protestant Church UCC in the northern part of the neighborhood and Saint Margaret Mary Church in the south. There are also several other places of worship in the nearby surrounding areas.

Outdoor Recreation
Bordered by the St. Louis River on the eastern edge, Stewart Creek to the north, and U.S. Steel Creek to the South, the Morgan Park neighborhood is also home to Blackmer Park, Smithville Park, and plenty of other natural beauties.

Magney-Snively Natural Area
The Magney-Snively Natural Area near Morgan Park encompasses an 1,800-acre old-growth forest that is popular for hiking and viewing fall colors. With a number of trails for skiers, snowmobilers, and horseback riders, the Magney-Snively Natural Area is a great place to go with the whole family.

Morgan Park- The Book

Written in 2007 by Arnold R Alanen, Morgan Park: Duluth, U.S. Steel, and the Forging of a Company Town “follows the company town and its residents through the boom years to the closing of the outmoded facility—an event that foreshadowed industrial shutdowns elsewhere in the United States—and up to today, as current residents work to preserve the community’s historic character.” –UMN Press