Minnesota Point and Canal Park go hand in hand, in order to get to Minnesota Point you have to go through Canal Park.  While Canal Park is more of a tourist/shop area, Minnesota Point does have residents who live there year round.  Around 7 miles long, Minnesota Point combined with Wisconsin Point in Superior which lays just across, makes up the 2nd largest FRESHWATER sandbar in the world.

Local Businesses
Canal Park has many different business’ including, but not limited to, Blue Heron Trading Co., Siiviis, Duluth Pack, Rocky Mountain Chocolate shop, Two and Company, Minnesota Gifts by Sandra Dee, J. Skylark, Tetran, Canal Park Lodge, Inn on Lake Superior, Hampton Inn, South Pier Inn, Vertical Endeavors, Adventure Zone, Park Point Marina Inn, Father Time Antiques, Spirit Bay Trading, Canal Park Liquors, Teeny Weeny Miniature Cottage, Never Too Many Jewelry & Accessories, I Heart Duluth, Barr Engineering Company, Happy Hookers Charters,  Father Time Antiques, Waters of Superior, On the Rocks Art Studio and Vikre Distillery.

Places of Worship
There is only one designated place to worship in Minnesota Point and Canal Park, St. Andrew’s By the Lake is located on Minnesota Point and has been around for 100 years.

Park Point
Park Point is a recreation area on Minnesota Point, there is a huge sandy beach where you can sunbathe and enter Lake Superior, there’s a playground area and Park Point Beach House.  Very popular during the summer months, the public beach is open from the day after school is out until Labor Day.  Usually during this time, there is a lifeguard on duty from 11 am to 4 pm.  There are also some recreation fields and sand volleyball courts.  This is the perfect summer hang out!

Minnesota Point Walking Trail
Towards the end of Minnesota Point, there is a walking trail known as Minnesota Point Walking Trail.  During your 2 mile walk you’ll pass an airport, wander among 200+ year old red and white pines, see many birds and wildlife and it has unique views of the lake.  Watch out for poising ivy the area is rich with it.

Aerial Lift Bridge
The Aerial Lift Bridge connects Canal Park and Minnesota Point.  It is a bridge that is made of steel and cables and is over 100 years old and is a historical landmark.  When there are no boats to get through it lays flat, but when a barge needs to come through the bridge is raised to allow passage.  It is operated 24 hours a day and in the busy season it averages 26 lifts per day.  During the summer months the bridge is lifted every 30 minutes between 7 AM and 9 PM.  The Aerial Lift Bridge has had many facelifts and is maintained well.  Every 18 years the bridge gets new cables.  Many people enjoy watching the bridge raise for a ship to come through the piers. 

Lake Walk
The Lake Walk starts at Bayfront Park and goes through Canal Park all along the edge of the lake, it also passes through Leif Erickson Park and ends at London Rd in Lakeside.  The Canal Park portion of the Lake Walk is a wooden boardwalk and also has a paved section and the walk takes you past several restaurants and hotels on one side and beautiful lake views on the other.

Sky Harbor
Sky Harbor is an airport located on Minnesota Point.  There is a one mile concrete runway for small aircrafts and two sea runways that work well for float and amphibious aircrafts.  You can also fill your aircraft’s tank with Avgas 100 low lead fuel, which is available 24/7.  They also provide tie down service for your aircraft while you go enjoy the Duluth area. The airport is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  In the summer months (June to October), this airport is where you would go if you wanted a birds eye view of Duluth.  Beaver Air Tours runs a company that gives aviation tours of the city’s most popular landmarks.

School District
Canal Park and Minnesota Point are part of the Duluth Independent School District #709.

Local Restaurants
There are many places to eat in Canal Park, including, but not limited to, Endion Station Public House, The Red Lobster, Old Chicago, Lake Avenue Café, Amazing Grace Bakery and Café, Taste of Saigon Restaurant, Northen Waters Smokehaus, Grandma’s Sports Garden, Grandma’s Saloon & Grill, Green Mill, Bellisios, Grizzly’s, Little Angies, Canal Park Brewing Co, Vitta Pizza, and Cloud 9 Asian Bistro.

Duluth Marine Museum and Maritime Visitor Center
The Duluth Marine Museum and Maritime Visitor Center is located in Canal Park.  Admission is free however hours vary depending on the season, to view the hours check here.  The museum is a really cool place to go and learn about the shipping industry and the area’s shipping history.