Meadowlands Highlights

Meadowlands is located in St. Louis county about 35 miles northwest from Downtown Duluth.  Hwy 133 and Hwy 5 are the two main roads to get to Meadowlands.

Local Businesses
There are several places of business located in Meadowlands, including but not limited to, Kelly maly Screen Printing, Main Idea Creative Marketing & Design, Riversideknits, Kerri’s Cell Phone Accessories, Meadowlands Chocolate, Lahti Farms, Meadowlands Studio, Shaving Maker Customer Planning Ince, Larson Forge & Finish, Northwoods Organics, Little Moose Painting, and Ralidak Tree Farms.

School District
Meadowlands is part of the Independent School District 2142.  One of the closer schools in the district is South Ridge School in Culver. 

Local Restaurants
There is one restaurant to eat at in Meadowlands.  The Trailside Lounge & Grill provides a family atmosphere and as a well-rounded menu. People rave about the great service.  Check out their Facebook page!

Places of Worship
There are a few places to worship in Meadowlands, including, Christian Way Fellowship, Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom, St. Mary’s Catholic Church and First Lutheran Church ELCA.

Bird Watching
Meadowlands has some great rivers, lakes, fields and bog areas.  These are ideal areas to go bird watching.  There are also two public bird feeders where people can go to sit and watch the birds that come to.  The feeders are the Abramson’s Feeders and the “Blue Spruce Rd Feeders”

Twin River Riders ATV Club
The Twin River Riders ATV Club is basted out of Meadowlands.  The club is always looking for new members and now has an instructor for getting ATV certified.  They also organize fundraisers and food drives. The love to ride their ATVs around the Meadowlands areas and also in the surrounding area and they do several organized local and trailered rides a year.  They meet monthly.

Meadowlands Community Center
There is a Community Center that is available to rent.  Elections are held here as well as many other events and meetings.

Wild Experience Hunting Preserve
The Wild Experience Hunting Preserve is located in Meadowlands.  It is open 7 days a week during from Labor Day to Memorial Day.  The Preserve sits on 400 acres and has different levels of difficulties depending on your hunting skills.  You can either do a guided hunt or a hunt on your own with your own dog.