Women home buyers attribute to a large market share in our marketplace.  Just like any buyer, there are certain things to pay attention to when purchasing a home.  When working with the J.S. Realty team (all women), we will help you through the entire process of finding a home that best suites your needs.  Here’s a list of some key things to consider:

How much exterior maintenance do you want?  Buying a home with maintenance-free siding along with soffit and facia can limit the amount of money you spend on taking care of the exterior of your home.  Siding that is painted will mean you will need to continually be painting the exterior and dealing with peeling and chipping paint on regular basis.  The same goes for decking.  Stained or painted decks require maintenance.  Decks that are made with composite or left natural, will require much less upkeep.

Does the home need “big ticket” repairs?  Make sure to take a good look at the foundation, roof and windows.  Repairing or replacing any of these items can cost you tens of thousands of dollars.  When you find your dream home, if any one of these items need attention, make sure and find out the costs during your home inspection time frame.

Location?  Living in town can mean you are closer to everyday conveniences, smaller yards to upkeep, shorter driveways to maintain and a host of other things.  If you desire to live out in the country, make sure and plan ahead for the costs of maintaining large yards and long driveways and the increase in fuel costs to drive to everyday conveniences and work. Think about your lifestyle and look for a home to match.

Safety?  Wherever you end up finding your home, make sure to independently research crime in the neighborhood.  This can be done by calling the local police department or using a website like crimemapper.com.  Pay attention to general safety tips like having good exterior lighting on your home, a good fence, good neighbors, windows far from the ground, an attached garage with an interior entrance to your home, no overgrown landscaping, etc.  Once you purchase your new home and move in, it is also suggested that you have all the locks changed on your home or get an alarm system.

Always leave yourself a “nest egg” of money.  Owning a home is a long-term commitment.  Appliances, furnaces, water heaters and plumbing issues happen.  Be prepared for the cost of repairs so you have the funds available to get things fixed. Being realistic about what you can afford is important.

Work with a REALTOR®.  At J.S. Realty, we will guide you through the home buying experience and look out for you every step of the way.  Buying a home may be the largest purchase in your life, so having representation is very important.  We sell homes to hundreds of home buyers and you can feel confident that we will do a good job for you too.

If you are looking to buy a home for yourself, give us a call. 
Jackie, Jamie or Julie Sathers are here to help!