The final walk through is an important step in the purchasing process.  During this time the buyer of a property will look at the condition of the home and to make sure nothing has substantially changed from the original viewing of the home.

When should the final walk through be performed?
The final walk through should happen the day before or the day of closing.  It is also best if the seller has moved completely out before doing the walk through.

Who should be there?
The buyer’s agent, the buyers and sometimes, if they buyers would like, the sellers can be there to give the buyers a play by play of the house.  This can be very useful if there mystery light switch or if there is something unique regarding the day to day operations of the house.

What should be checked?
Major things that will need to be checked will be that all of t
he seller’s debris is gone (unless otherwise specified), make sure everything turns on and off correctly and that nothing has substantially changed since your last viewing.  It is also a good time to verify that the utilities are in the buyer’s name (starting the date of the scheduled closing).  The final thing to check is that all personal property that has been negotiated is present and accounted for.

What if something is amiss?
If something is wrong, the buyer’s agent would communicate with the seller’s agent to figure out the fixes or to verify what is stated in the purchase agreement.

Do I get to keep the keys?
No, not yet.  Normally, the buyers receive the keys to the house at closing after all the paperwork has been signed.