With the reappearance of grass, leaves, and warm days comes the resurgence of the Real Estate Market. While sellers are prepping their homes for showings, buyers should also be preparing ahead of time. See below for the 6 things you should do before and during your home buying process.

Know What You’re Looking For. In certain price ranges, there may not be many homes for sale. By narrowing down your search and moving quickly on homes you know you’re interested in, you will spend less time looking at houses that are of no interest to you and you won’t miss out on ones you would love. Make a list of the top features that are most important to you and rate the houses based on that for quick decision making.

Consider the Neighborhood. When viewing houses, make sure to take a look around the neighborhood to see if it fits what you and your family are looking for. If you have a preference for urban or rural living, make sure to take that into account when looking at houses. If you have children, finding a neighborhood with other children for them to play with could be beneficial. Consider how far it is away from the places you go on a regular basis, work, daycare, favorite restaurants, etc.

Research Extra Expenses. Once you find a home you like, look at how much the utilities cost last year. Look at assessments that still have to be paid. Are there any home improvement projects that you would need to do? Make sure all of these extra costs work into your budget so you aren’t surprised with any unexpected expenses. Always hire a professional home inspector to look at the home before signing the purchase agreement, that way you won’t be surprised with anything when you move in.

Know That the Perfect House Doesn’t Exist. Many home buyers have unrealistic expectations when looking at houses, but it is rare that everything fits what you’re looking for perfectly. Know what you’re willing to compromise on and what features are necessary for you in a home.

Get Your Pre-Approval for Financing. With how quickly houses are being sold, it’s important to have your finances in order before making an offer. Ask your realtor for recommendations of who they have worked with and can trust. The process is always easier with a local lender you can meet in person instead of an online application. Now when you make an offer, the seller will be more inclined to accept it over someone who has not been pre-approved.

Choose the Right Agent. Jamie, Julie, Jackie, and Braxton have 90 years of combined experience and plenty of happy customers to prove it (click here to see feedback). Having an agent that knows what they’re doing can take all the stress out of buying a house, so give J.S. Realty a call today to begin your home buying process.

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