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Top Highlights of Congdon Park

by JS Realty


According to the City of Duluth’s neighborhood map, Congdon Park is located East of N 26th Ave E, South of Lakeview Dr and Snively Rd, North of Lake Superior and West of N 40th Ave E.  One of the main roads to go through Congdon Park is London Rd.

Congdon Park
Congdon Park is in the Congdon Park neighborhood.  Congdon Park was named after Chester Congdon who donated the 33.7 acres of land in 1908.  The Tischer Creek runs through the park and provides for some stunning views including several waterfall areas.  There are also some trails that are easy walking.  This is a hidden gem within the city and is also surrounded by nice big trees.  There are beautiful bridges, plenty of wildlife and Tischer Creek is a designated trout stream.

Places to Worship
There are several places to worship in Congdon Park, including, but not limited to, Pilgrim Congregational Church, Cathedral of our Lady of the Rosary, Diocese of Duluth, Chabad Lubavitch, and Duluth Congregational Church.

Northland Country Club
The Northland Country Club is a private country club that has an 18
hole golf course.  It is one of the top 5 golf courses to visit in Minnesota.  The Northland Country Club provides a great family atmosphere while still remaining private.  There is also a pool and a few tennis courts so it’s not all just about golfing. There are many activities that could be enjoyed.  There is also a luxury cuisine restaurant that is available to members only.

Local Businesses

There are several businesses that are in Congdon Park, including but not limited to, Holiday Stationstore, AG Thomson House Bed and Breakfast, Budget Blinds of Duluth, Custom Cap, Northern States Basement Systems and Paper Ink.

Glensheen Mansion
Glensheen Mansion is located in Congdon Park an
d it is a historical home museum that has been amazingly preserved.  Built for Chester and Clara Congdon between 1905 and 1908, the couple along with their children and grandchildren made it a home until 1977.  The main mansion has 39 rooms.  It is a stunning piece of history and the museum tours provide interesting facts and breathtaking architecture.

School District
Congdon Park belongs to Duluth Independent School District #709.  Duluth East High School, Ordean East Middle School and Congdon Elementary Schools all fall within the Congdon neighborhood.  Holy Rosary School, a private school is also in the Congdon Park neighborhood.

Local Restaurants
There are no restaurants located within Congdon Park, however the neighborhood is not far from the business district on London Rd which has several restaurants including but not limited to, Blackwoods, McDonalds, Perkins, Valentini’s Vicino Lago, Taco Johns, Subway and Pizza Hut.

If you have any questions about Duluth or the surrounding area please contact us!  We would love to help you out!

Part of a real estate transaction can include a home inspection. Some people choose not to do a home inspection to make their offer more attractive or if they feel that they can handle anything that the home might throw at them.  We suggest having a home inspection done because it will help you from getting any unexpected surprises as well as helping you determine how much time/energy you want to put into fixing up a place.

What is a home inspection?
A home inspection has to do with the checking out the condition of a home.  Often home inspections are non-invasive, objective and usually they go hand in hand with a real estate transaction of the home. 

What exactly does a home inspection entail?
A home inspection usually involves a licensed inspector going through a property.  They check things like: the structure of the home (foundation and framing), the exterior of the home (all walkways, driveways, attachments to the home like a deck or porch, windows, doors, siding and trim), the roof (age of roof, draining system, issues with the shingles, gutters and downspouts and any potential for water to pool), the electrical (location of breaker box, condition of service panels, breakers, fuses, disconnects, service entrance wires and how many outlets are in every room), heating and air conditioning systems (vents, flues, chimneys, cooling systems, water heater information), plumbing (draining system, sump pumps, water supply and water heaters), interior (walls, floors, ceilings, stairs, counters, appliances and cabinets), ventilation and insulation (check that the ventilation is okay in unfinished areas as well as the insulation) and fireplaces (vent and flue). 

Why is having a home inspection important?
Having a home inspection is important because it helps buyers and sellers know what needs to be repaired on the home.  Also, a home is probably one of the largest purchases you will ever make.  A good inspection helps buyers to make an educated and informed decision about their purchase.

How much will the home inspection cost?
There is not a standard cost for home inspection and every region is different.  There are also several factors including the size and age of the property and if there are any “extra” items that you want to have inspected more thoroughly.  We would say a good range for the Duluth area would be between $200-$500, however this is subject to change.

Is this something I could do by myself?  (If so) What are the drawbacks if I do?
Sure you can! However it is NOT recommended.  In most cases buyers or sellers who want to do the home inspection themselves are not able to be truly objective.  This can cause the inspection to be skewed because they would skate over things that are truly an issue because “it’s not that bad” or “it looks fine”.  Getting an inspector to do the home inspection would be the best thing.

How do I know if the inspector is on the up & up?
According to the National Association of Home Inspectors there are 39 states that requires that a home inspector is licensed.  Minnesota is one of the 11 states that does not require licensing.  We would suggest asking if they are licensed (it’s a huge plus if they are, but shouldn’t be a deal breaker), if they have had inspection training or certifications, and how many years they’ve been in the business.  It is also a good idea to ask how many homes they’ve inspected and if they have any people that would recommend them.

Is an inspection something that a seller can do before putting their house on the market or is it buyer specific.
Yes! A seller can always do an inspection too! It may help them predetermine problems and will include repair suggestions.

How long is an inspection report good for?
A home inspection has no expiration date. That being said it is not uncommon for an inspection to occur and then the next day something that was fine is now not fine. Also, inspections are not public information, they are client specific and they get to choose who sees the information. It is a good idea for each separate buyer putting in an offer get their own inspection.

Is it better to accompany the inspector or have them do it alone?
Be there for the inspection if you’re buying.  A good inspector would want you to be there too.  However, if you are a seller and the buyer is having a home inspection preformed, it would be a good idea to stay away until the inspection is complete.  Buyers might find your presence intimidating.

If you're looking for inspectors in the Duluth, MN area ask us!  We would love to help you find one!

Top Highlights of Gary-New Duluth

by JS Realty

Gary-New Duluth is a neighborhood in Duluth, MN.  Although many people refer to the neighborhood as a whole, it is actually two different communities, both are rich in history and make a great place to make a home.

Gary starts on Commonwealth Ave just under the railroad bridge and goes to Gary Builders Supply.  New Duluth starts just past Gary Builders Supply and goes to the St. Louis River.  Both communities lie north of the St. Louis River and west of the river as well.  The neighborhoods also fall east of the Sargent Creek.

There are a few parks in the Gary-New Duluth neighborhood, including but not limited to, Napoleon B Merritt Park, Gary New Duluth Park, and Birchwood Park.

Local Businesses
There are many businesses located within Gary-New Duluth neighborhood including, but not limited to, Veit & Company Inc, Gary Milk House Convenience Store, Little Store, Gary Liquor & Bait, Puglisi Gun Emporium, Gerry’s Auto Repair, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Duluth, T & L Wood Products, Gary Builders Supply, and Me Global Inc.

St. Louis River
The St. Louis River is the largest river in the US to flow into Lake Superior.  One thing to do on the river is to go fishing.  Fisherpeople can find walleyes, northern pike, small and large mouth bass, crappies, channel catfish among some other species as well.  The river is great for canoeing and has beautiful views of Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Local Restaurants
There are several restaurants in the Gary-New Duluth neighborhood including but not limited to, Hugo’s Pizza II, Shotz Bar, and Alpine Bar & Lounge.

Gary-New Duluth Recreation Center
The Gary-New Duluth Recreation Center is located near Stowe School.  The community center has been updated and provides some programs and events for the community.  There is a plan in motion to make the Gary-New Duluth Recreation Center better and with more activities for the community as a whole.  For more information and to check on their progress, take a look at their website.

School District
The Gary-New Duluth neighborhood is in the Duluth Independent School District #709.  There is an elementary school located within the neighborhood.  Stowe Elementary school provides experienced teachers, excellent educational programs and also provide a welcoming environment for everyone plus free all day every day kindergarten. 

Boy Scout Landing
Boy Scout Landing has a boat launch/public area that allows boaters and fisherpeople access to the St. Louis River.  A boat ramp, a fishing pier that doubles as a dock, restroom facilities and a paved parking area are available. 

Places of Worship
There are a few places to worship in Gary-New Duluth, including but not limited to, St. George Serbian Orthodox Church, and St. Elizabeth’s Catholic Church Education Center.

The River Place Campground is located in Gary-New Duluth right on the edge of the St. Louis River.  It opened in 1995 and is conveniently located to the Willard Munger Trail and Jay Cooke State Park.  They offer campsites available for daily, weekly, monthly or seasonally rent.  There are several sites that offer full hookup that has city water and sewer. 

Top Highlights of Minnesota Point and Canal Park

by JS Realty

Minnesota Point and Canal Park go hand in hand, in order to get to Minnesota Point you have to go through Canal Park.  While Canal Park is more of a tourist/shop area, Minnesota Point does have residents who live there year round.  Around 7 miles long, Minnesota Point combined with Wisconsin Point in Superior which lays just across, makes up the 2nd largest FRESHWATER sandbar in the world.

Local Businesses
Canal Park has many different business’ including, but not limited to, Blue Heron Trading Co., Siiviis, Duluth Pack, Rocky Mountain Chocolate shop, Two and Company, Minnesota Gifts by Sandra Dee, J. Skylark, Tetran, Canal Park Lodge, Inn on Lake Superior, Hampton Inn, South Pier Inn, Vertical Endeavors, Adventure Zone, Park Point Marina Inn, Father Time Antiques, Spirit Bay Trading, Canal Park Liquors, Teeny Weeny Miniature Cottage, Never Too Many Jewelry & Accessories, I Heart Duluth, Barr Engineering Company, Happy Hookers Charters,  Father Time Antiques, Waters of Superior, On the Rocks Art Studio and Vikre Distillery.

Places of Worship
There is only one designated place to worship in Minnesota Point and Canal Park, St. Andrew’s By the Lake is located on Minnesota Point and has been around for 100 years.

Park Point
Park Point is a recreation area on Minnesota Point, there is a huge sandy beach where you can sunbathe and enter Lake Superior, there’s a playground area and Park Point Beach House.  Very popular during the summer months, the public beach is open from the day after school is out until Labor Day.  Usually during this time, there is a lifeguard on duty from 11 am to 4 pm.  There are also some recreation fields and sand volleyball courts.  This is the perfect summer hang out!

Minnesota Point Walking Trail
Towards the end of Minnesota Point, there is a walking trail known as Minnesota Point Walking Trail.  During your 2 mile walk you’ll pass an airport, wander among 200+ year old red and white pines, see many birds and wildlife and it has unique views of the lake.  Watch out for poising ivy the area is rich with it.

Aerial Lift Bridge
The Aerial Lift Bridge connects Canal Park and Minnesota Point.  It is a bridge that is made of steel and cables and is over 100 years old and is a historical landmark.  When there are no boats to get through it lays flat, but when a barge needs to come through the bridge is raised to allow passage.  It is operated 24 hours a day and in the busy season it averages 26 lifts per day.  During the summer months the bridge is lifted every 30 minutes between 7 AM and 9 PM.  The Aerial Lift Bridge has had many facelifts and is maintained well.  Every 18 years the bridge gets new cables.  Many people enjoy watching the bridge raise for a ship to come through the piers. 

Lake Walk
The Lake Walk starts at Bayfront Park and goes through Canal Park all along the edge of the lake, it also passes through Leif Erickson Park and ends at London Rd in Lakeside.  The Canal Park portion of the Lake Walk is a wooden boardwalk and also has a paved section and the walk takes you past several restaurants and hotels on one side and beautiful lake views on the other.

Sky Harbor
Sky Harbor is an airport located on Minnesota Point.  There is a one mile concrete runway for small aircrafts and two sea runways that work well for float and amphibious aircrafts.  You can also fill your aircraft’s tank with Avgas 100 low lead fuel, which is available 24/7.  They also provide tie down service for your aircraft while you go enjoy the Duluth area. The airport is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  In the summer months (June to October), this airport is where you would go if you wanted a birds eye view of Duluth.  Beaver Air Tours runs a company that gives aviation tours of the city’s most popular landmarks.

School District
Canal Park and Minnesota Point are part of the Duluth Independent School District #709.

Local Restaurants
There are many places to eat in Canal Park, including, but not limited to, Endion Station Public House, The Red Lobster, Old Chicago, Lake Avenue Café, Amazing Grace Bakery and Café, Taste of Saigon Restaurant, Northen Waters Smokehaus, Grandma’s Sports Garden, Grandma’s Saloon & Grill, Green Mill, Bellisios, Grizzly’s, Little Angies, Canal Park Brewing Co, Vitta Pizza, and Cloud 9 Asian Bistro.

Duluth Marine Museum and Maritime Visitor Center
The Duluth Marine Museum and Maritime Visitor Center is located in Canal Park.  Admission is free however hours vary depending on the season, to view the hours check here.  The museum is a really cool place to go and learn about the shipping industry and the area’s shipping history.

Easy Ways to Go Green Around the Home

by JS Realty

Going “Green” doesn’t have to mean going overboard. Here are a few ways to go green that are quick, easy and not too hard on the wallet.

Replace light bulbs
If you haven’t already, switch your incandescent light bulbs to compact fluorescent bulbs.  The main difference between the two is that compact fluorescent convert a majority of the energy used into light whereas incandescent convert the energy into heat.  Compact fluorescent also use less energy and last longer than incandescent.

Do full loads of laundry or dishes
Wait until your washer or your dishwasher is full before running a load.  It will save a lot of water.   When doing laundry use the cold water setting rather than hot, it takes more energy to heat up the water, and there are many detergents that are designed to work well in cold water.

Donate old clothing
Bring your clothing that doesn’t fit anymore to a shelter, to Goodwill or give it to a friend that would like it.  By doing so you’re letting it be reused instead of sitting in a landfill.  You could really be helping out someone in need.

When you’re not charging something or using something that needs to be plugged in, electricity still flows though the power cords even if the item is not charging or in use.  You’ll not only use less energy but you’ll save on your power bill.

Check your refrigerator
If your fridge and freezer are colder than they need to be, you are using more energy than you have to.  For a fridge, the ideal temperature is between 37 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit.  Don’t go higher than 40 degrees Fahrenheit or you’ll risk bacteria growth.  A freezer should be kept between 0 and 5 degrees Fahrenheit.  If either one is less than those, adjust the temperature and you’ll save energy.

Adjust your thermometer
of the energy that is used in homes, air-conditioning and heating energy make up almost half.  Use less energy by having a lower house temperature in the winter (not too low though, make sure it’s still well above freezing!) and a little higher house temperature in the summer.  You’ll reduce your energy intake and also save on your monthly electricity bill.

Use less chemicals
Chemicals are very bad for the environment and there are many natural ways to clean your house without releasing all of the harmful vapors into the air.  Use lemon and vinegar as a natural cleaner.  You might even have lemon and vinegar in your kitchen right now.  Check out some other ideas here.

Use less paper
Opt out of getting bills in the mail, see if you can get them emailed to you or if you can just sign up for auto payment.  You’ll use less paper and you’ll also have less clutter around the house.

Top Highlights of Duluth Heights

by JS Realty

Duluth Heights is one of Duluth’s largest neighborhoods in terms of area.  There are 3 main routes through Duluth Heights, Hwy 53/Central Entrance, Arrowhead Rd and Rice Lake Rd/Arlington Ave.  Duluth Heights has a great mix of houses, shopping and dining.  Sometimes referred to as the Miller Hill Area or Above the Hill, Duluth Heights is a great neighborhood to live in.

Places of Worship
There are many places in Duluth Heights that you could go to worship, including but not limited to, St John’s Free Lutheran Church, Eastridge Community Church, Lincoln Park Congregation, Jehovah’s Witness, Mount of Olives Baptist Church, Emmanuel Baptist Church, Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Livingstones Fellowship, St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran church, North Star Baptist Church and Water’s Edge Church.

Enger Park Golf Course has been established since 1927 and was built near Enger Park Tower.  This golf course has 27 holes and has traditional layouts.  There are several challenges to the park including holes that run through wooded areas and water hazards.  There is a snack bar that you can stop by and enjoy during the day.  Breakfast is served daily as well as favorites like burgers and hotdogs, grilled chicken and so much more!

There are several parks located within Duluth Heights that are perfect for spending time in to enjoy nature or to have a picnic with friends and family.  Parks located within the neighborhood include, but are not limited to, Enger Park, Duluth Heights Park, Woodland Gardens, Web Woods and Pennell Park. Visit Duluth parks and rec website for more information. 

Enger Park is one of the larger parks in the Duluth Heights neighborhood.  In it you’ll find several areas with flowers, several shady spots under trees perfect for sitting, parts of the Superior Hiking Trail, a Japanese Rock Garden, a pavilion and Enger Tower.  Overlooking the Japanese rock garden is the Peace Bell Tower, which comes from Duluth’s sister city Ohara-Isumi City, Japan.  Up on a hill in the park you’ll find Enger Tower which was built in 1939 and is 5 stories high.  In 1939 the Crown Prince Olave and Crown Princess Martha of Norway dedicated the tower to a man named Bert Enger, a Norway native who made his home in Duluth and was a very successful furniture dealer.  The tower provides stunning views of the city and it’s a great work out to get to the top!

Duluth Heights Recreation Center
The Duluth Heights Recreation Center is located in Duluth Heights and adjoins the Duluth Heights Park.  It is a great building that is able to host many different kinds of events and is available to the public for renting and has a maximum capacity of 125 people.  Occasionally there is play gym that allows for young children to run around and play in an open area while still being indoors.

Local Restaurants
There are several places to eat in the Duluth Heights neighborhood, including but not limited to, Grandma’s Restaurant, Osaka’s, Bridgemen’s, Texas Road House, Buffalo Wild Wings, Olive Garden, Perkins, Panera Bread, Noodles & Company, Five Guys, Applebee’s, Chipotle, Old Country Buffet, Aztecas Mexican Grill, Pizza Hut, Culver’s, Taco Bell, Wendy’s, Grizzly’s, McDonalds, Subway, Taco John’s, Burger King, Leeann Chin, Max Orient, Coney Island Deluxe, Kahala Restaurants, Dunkin’ Donuts, Papa John’s, Steak Escape, Sbarro,  and Charley’s Grill Subs.

Local Businesses
Duluth Heights neighborhood has many local businesses including, but not limited to, 2 Dye 4 Salon, AAA, Adam’s Pest Control, Adamski Builders, A Doller Tree, Target, Best Buy, Shopko, Kohls, Dollar General, Michael’s, Office Max, Home Depot, Auto Value, Auto Dent Specialists, David’s Bridal, Northern Freight and Tools, Bed Bath and Beyond, TJ Maxx, Dunham’s, Duluth Hockey Company, Cash Wise Liquor, Build a Bear Work Shop, Chico’s, Charlotte Russe, Vanity, Barnes and Noble, American Eagle, Hollister, Schmitt Music, Cub Foods, Super One Foods, Wells Fargo, Ulta, The Children’s Place, Christopher Banks, Champs, City Looks, Clearwire, City Looks, Collector’s Connection, Computer Renaissance, Diamond Nails, Q-Nails, Dress Barn, JC Penny’s, Younker’s, Sears, Enterprise, Explorations, The Essence of Health, Famous Footware, Express, Firestone, First Photo, Game Stop, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and so many more.

Miller Hill Mall is located in the heart of the Duluth Heights neighborhood. It is conveniently located to downtown and I35.  Many visitors are from the Iron Range, Duluth, Wisconsin, Michigan and Canada.  The mall has 108 stores throughout and is completely indoors.  You’ll find several sit down restaurants as well as a food court.  The Miller Hill Mall also hosts many events throughout the year like arts and crafts shows.

School District
Students who live in the Duluth Heights neighborhood typically are part of the Duluth Independent School district #709.  There is no actual school building for Duluth ISD #709 located within the neighborhood.  There are two private schools located within the Duluth Heights neighborhood.  Lake View Christian Academy is for those who wish to send their children to a nondenominational, independent Christian School. It serves students from preschool to 12th grade.  Marshall School is a college preparatory School that serves students from 4th grade to 12th grade.  It has been around since 1904 and prides themselves on upholding their values of respect, integrity, compassion and strong academic habits.  There is also a charter school located in the Duluth Heights neighborhood.  Duluth Edison serves students K to 8th grade currently, and a high school is in the works.  They strive to have their students achieve academically as well as personally.

Twin Ponds is located near Enger Park in the Duluth Heights neighborhood. It consists of 2 different ponds, an upper and a lower that are both natural basins.  There is a creek that flows through the ponds known as Buckingham Creek which provides some natural circulation and the water is somewhat murky due to iron-ore that is found in the soil.  It can be used as a swimming area in the lower pond and there is a beach area.  The upper pond provides a great area to fish and is stocked yearly with rainbow trout.

The Importance of Working with a REALTOR®.

by JS Realty

Why working with a REALTOR® is important?
It is important to work with a professional for many things in life. Working with a REALTOR® who is licensed and experienced is especially important for those who want their real estate transactions to occur with little to no problems.  J.S. Realty has over 80 years of experience between the three of us. We are all licensed full-time REALTORS® committed to helping you through your real estate transaction. Here are some reasons working with a REALTOR® is beneficial.

REALTORS® must follow a code of ethics as set forth by the National Association of REALTORS®.  The Minnesota Association of REALTORS® help enforce the code of ethics through the Professional Standards Board. All three of us have volunteered on the Professional Standards Board in our career. We want to do what is right.

Good at Negotiating
REALTORS® have great negotiating skills, they take some classes on how to negotiate and they can help get the price you want.  Negotiating can be tiresome and not turn out the way you want quickly, but don’t worry you’ve got a REALTOR® in your corner.

Understanding the changing market
The real estate market is constantly changing.  It is important that you work with a REALTOR® because they know about all of the changes and how to react based on what’s happening.  REALTORS® also have to take continuing education so that they are able to keep up with new trends and law changes.

Keep things on track
REALTORS® do so many things that you aren’t aware need to happen...When something gets stuck, it is your REALTOR® who gets it to move again.  REALTORS® are great at putting out fires before the buyer or seller even know there’s a problem. You’ll feel less stressed if you work with someone who knows how to get stuff done!

Experience Matters
You want a REALTOR® who can “go to bat” for you, coach you on how to make the best offer and help you determine the best price point to list your home at.  REALTORS® are also packed full of knowledge with just about anything that comes to real estate. They know a good deal, a bad one, what you need if you want to buy a foreclosure, what the neighborhoods are like and all sorts of other answers.  J.S. Realty has a combined experience of 80 years in real estate. We know the ins and outs.

Genuinely care
When you and your REALTOR® are committed to each other your REALTOR® will care about your needs and wants, and do their best to make your real estate transaction run smoothly.

With J.S. Realty, you’ll get all of this plus so much more. 
Call us today, we would love to hear from you!


Top Highlights of Saginaw

by JS Realty

With a population of 3,846 people, Saginaw provides rural living feel not far from the city.  Saginaw is a great place to live.

Saginaw is a suburb of Duluth that is located 18 miles northwest of Duluth in St. Louis County. Twig, Taft, Grand Lake, Alborn, Culver and Industrial are located in Saginaw. The junction of Saginaw Rd and Vibert Rd is considered to be the center of Saginaw and Hwy 53, Hwy 33 and Hwy 194 are access points to Saginaw. Saginaw has a zip code of 55779 and a post office located on Saginaw Rd.

Places of Worship
There are several places in Saginaw to go if you wish to worship, including, but not limited to, Bethlehem Lutheran Church, New Life Covenant Church, Saint Peter’s Lutheran Church and St. John Lutheran Church.

Local Businesses
Despite being a rural area, Saginaw is rich with local businesses.  Businesses include, but are not limited to, Shelton Excavating Inc, A-1 Disposal, Wheel N’ Concrete, Lakside Transfer & Service Inc, Saginaw Stove Works, Zervas Industrial, Tuominen Landscaping, Allen Anderson Excavating Inc, Brent’s Biffies, Dougherty Trucking, Coon Aggregate Supply, A R Masonry, Kylmala Truss, Duluth Ready Mix, Viner’s Septic Plumping, United Painting & Sandblasting, North State Services, Ground Effects Directional Drilling, Duluth Christmas Tree Farm, A Plus Landscaping & Garden Center, Independence Heating and Cooling, Barbara Solem Tax Services, Privette Excavating, Northern Lights Medical Transport, Sheet Metal Workers International Association and Anytime Excavating and Landscaping.

Local Restaurants
Saginaw Union Station is located on the corner of Hwy 194 and Hwy 2. They are open 7 days a week from 10:00 am to 1:00 am and have a daily happy hour from 2 pm to 6 pm.  Monday through Friday they have a different food special depending on the night.  Locals rave about the great service.

Grand Lake is about 14 miles northwest of Duluth and located in Saginaw.  The lake system is made up of 3 different lakes.  Big Grand Lake, is a 1,592 acre lake with 2 public landings.  Little Grand Lake, is a 147 acre lake with no public access.  Baby Grand Lake, a 65 acre lake about 10 ft deep.  There is a channel that connects all three lakes.  All three lakes have fish in them like Crappie, Walleye, Northern Pike, Rock Bass and several other species.

The Cloquet River runs through Saginaw and meets up with the St. Louis River. Many people camp on the edge of the river and there is several species of fish that call the river home including, catfish, northern pike, walleye, small mouth bass, and sunfish. There are several spots to launch a boat to go canoeing or kayaking during the summer months and there is a good chance that you will see some wild life. 

There are three campgrounds located in Saginaw, the Saginaw Campground, Ogstons RV Park and the Cloquet River Campground.  Saginaw Campground is located on the corner of Hwy 2 and Hwy 194 on the other side of street from the Saginaw Union Stations.  It provides campers with a great location that is close to Cloquet, Hermantown, Duluth and Proctor and is easy to access.  Ogstons RV Park is located on Old Miller Trunk HWY and is accessible easily from HWY 53.  There are a total of 100 spaces with some year round campers located there.  Pets are welcome and there is a playground and rec hall that makes it fun for everyone in the family.  Cloquet River Campground is located near the HWY 53 and HWY 33 intersection off of Swan Lake Rd.  Part of the charm is it’s right off the Cloquet River, so it’s perfect for those who love fishing!  It’s a fairly new campground, so there are not many reviews about it, but it’s worth a look.  For reviews and more information on the Saginaw Campground and Ogstons RV Park click here!

Twig Hockey Rinks
Twig Hockey arenas are located just off of Hwy 53 in Saginaw.  There are 4 outdoor rinks and a concession and warming shack.  Hours of operation is Monday-Friday 5:30 pm to 9 pm and Saturday and Sunday from 12 pm to 8 pm (the concession is only open from 3 pm to 8 pm on Sunday). The public rink is for anyone to use during the hours the rinks are open.  Unless there is a game, practice, maintenance or tournament, rinks 1 and 2 are open for anyone to use during the rinks are open.  Rink 3 is open to community children 13 and under.  Don’t forget your helmet, as it’s required for anyone who skates on any rink!  Summer activities include baseball, tennis and a playground for children.

Public Schools
Saginaw doesn’t belong to a specific school district.  School aged minors would go to either Proctor Independent School District #704  or the newer South Ridge School in Independent School District #2142

Winter Projects to do Around the House

by JS Realty

The winter months are perfect for decluttering, organizing and redesigning your home to make it more marketable during the spring months.  Winter can be dreary and often puts people in poor moods, but with these projects around the house, you’ll be able to be get moving and better your home!

Organize your closet
Go through your closet and get rid of clothes that you don’t wear anymore.  Too small or too large of clothes can be donated.  Put your summer clothes into bins and put it in a storage area so that your closet has more space in it.  Place shoes in an orderly fashion or put them in boxes and stack them on shelves in your closet.

Paint a room
Painting is great in the winter because it can completely transform a room and with the heat being on, it helps with drying paint!  Just make sure that you paint a room neutral colors (tans, whites, grays) because anything other than those can off put potential buyers.

Declutter pantry
Going through your pantry can help you get rid of cans or boxes that are years old!  A good starting spot to decluttering the pantry is completely emptying it.  This way you can start with a fresh space.  After emptying it, wipe down the shelves/bins to make them nice and clean.  Go through all of the items that were removed and throw out the expired ones.  Instead of having bags of things (chips/cereal/pasta/flour/sugar etc) put them in clear containers and label them with what they are.  When you are ready to place things back in the pantry, place things in a way that’s logical to you and don’t forget to label the shelves (so that other people can help you stay organized).

Finish basement
Winter is the perfect time to finish your basement or remodel it.  If you are able to starting a project like this can add value to your home if done right.

Deep Clean
Winter is a great time to go through your whole home and clean.  Since you’re cooped up indoors might as well dust in all of those corners, scrub your shower, and mop the floors. 

Insulate pipes and your water heater to save on energy costs and to help reduce your chances from pipes freezing.  All you need are some pipe sleeves, duct tape or cable ties and scissors and measuring tape.  Measure how much pipe sleeve you’ll need to cover the pipes (the first 3 feet from the hot water heater is critical!) then cut the pipe sleeve and place on the pipe.  You’ll want it to have the seam side down.  Secure the pipe sleeve with the duct tape or cable ties.  This will help reduce heat loss.  Another good spot to insulate is the windows to keep from losing heat

Top Highlights of Kenwood

by JS Realty

Kenwood is a neighborhood in Duluth, conveniently located and on the bus line.

Places of Worship
There are several places to worship in the Kenwood neighborhood including but not limited to, Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Duluth, The Vineyard Church, St. Benedict Church, Kenwood Lutheran Church

Public Schools
Kenwood belongs to the Duluth Independent School District #709.  Located within the neighborhood is Lowell Elementary School which serves students from kindergarten to 5th grade.  Lowell is committed to providing children with a nurturing environment and seek to develop a passion for learning in them.

Local Businesses
There are several businesses in the Kenwood neighborhood, including but not limited to American Family Insurance, Kenwood Muffler & Brake Center, Auto Ace Express Lube, Walgreens, Wells Fargo Bank, Holiday Station Store, State Farm Insurance Agent, Full Spectrum Glass Studio and Duluth Teacher’s Credit Union.

Kenwood is South of North Road, West of N Blackman Ave and some of Rice Lake Rd, North of Howtz St and West of Brainerd Ave.  There are two main roads to get to Kenwood, one of them being West Arrowhead Rd and the other is Howard Gnesen Rd/Kenwood Ave.  Convenient to downtown Duluth as well as St. Scholastica and UMD.

Local Restaurants
Sit down restaurants include but are not limited to, Subway, Arby’s, Erbert & Gerbert’s and Perk Place Coffeehouse and Bakery.

Kenwood Shopping Center
Located in the heart of Kenwood is the Kenwood shopping Center.  There are several stores including but not limited to, grocery store Super One, The UPS Store, Baja Tanning, Kenwood Laundromat, Papa Murphey’s Take and Bake, Cost Cutters, Vision Pro Optical, Goodwill, Perk Place Coffeehouse and Bakery, George’s Liquor and Play it Again Sports

Stanley Park
Located in the Kenwood neighborhood is Stanley Park.  A great greenspace that sits at the corner of Englewood Dr and N Blackman Ave.  There is a small open field perfect for yard games and small picnics. 

St. Scholastica is one of Duluth’s two 4 year universities.  It was founded in 1912 and is a corner stone of the Kenwood neighborhood.  It is Duluth’s sole private college and serves more than 4,000 students.  There is 20 intercollegiate athletic teams and 50 student clubs and organizations.

Hartley Park
Kenwood boarders Hartley Park where trails for hiking, cross country skiing and snowshoeing are.  There are also several other activities that you can do at Hartley Park including fishing and bird watching as well as mountain biking.  Most of the Meadow Trail runs through Kenwood and provides the ideal trial to hook up with the rest of the park on.

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