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Winter Projects to do Around the House

by JS Realty

The winter months are perfect for decluttering, organizing and redesigning your home to make it more marketable during the spring months.  Winter can be dreary and often puts people in poor moods, but with these projects around the house, you’ll be able to be get moving and better your home!

Organize your closet
Go through your closet and get rid of clothes that you don’t wear anymore.  Too small or too large of clothes can be donated.  Put your summer clothes into bins and put it in a storage area so that your closet has more space in it.  Place shoes in an orderly fashion or put them in boxes and stack them on shelves in your closet.

Paint a room
Painting is great in the winter because it can completely transform a room and with the heat being on, it helps with drying paint!  Just make sure that you paint a room neutral colors (tans, whites, grays) because anything other than those can off put potential buyers.

Declutter pantry
Going through your pantry can help you get rid of cans or boxes that are years old!  A good starting spot to decluttering the pantry is completely emptying it.  This way you can start with a fresh space.  After emptying it, wipe down the shelves/bins to make them nice and clean.  Go through all of the items that were removed and throw out the expired ones.  Instead of having bags of things (chips/cereal/pasta/flour/sugar etc) put them in clear containers and label them with what they are.  When you are ready to place things back in the pantry, place things in a way that’s logical to you and don’t forget to label the shelves (so that other people can help you stay organized).

Finish basement
Winter is the perfect time to finish your basement or remodel it.  If you are able to starting a project like this can add value to your home if done right.

Deep Clean
Winter is a great time to go through your whole home and clean.  Since you’re cooped up indoors might as well dust in all of those corners, scrub your shower, and mop the floors. 

Insulate pipes and your water heater to save on energy costs and to help reduce your chances from pipes freezing.  All you need are some pipe sleeves, duct tape or cable ties and scissors and measuring tape.  Measure how much pipe sleeve you’ll need to cover the pipes (the first 3 feet from the hot water heater is critical!) then cut the pipe sleeve and place on the pipe.  You’ll want it to have the seam side down.  Secure the pipe sleeve with the duct tape or cable ties.  This will help reduce heat loss.  Another good spot to insulate is the windows to keep from losing heat

Top Highlights of Kenwood

by JS Realty

Kenwood is a neighborhood in Duluth, conveniently located and on the bus line.

Places of Worship
There are several places to worship in the Kenwood neighborhood including but not limited to, Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Duluth, The Vineyard Church, St. Benedict Church, Kenwood Lutheran Church

Public Schools
Kenwood belongs to the Duluth Independent School District #709.  Located within the neighborhood is Lowell Elementary School which serves students from kindergarten to 5th grade.  Lowell is committed to providing children with a nurturing environment and seek to develop a passion for learning in them.

Local Businesses
There are several businesses in the Kenwood neighborhood, including but not limited to American Family Insurance, Kenwood Muffler & Brake Center, Auto Ace Express Lube, Walgreens, Wells Fargo Bank, Holiday Station Store, State Farm Insurance Agent, Full Spectrum Glass Studio and Duluth Teacher’s Credit Union.

Kenwood is South of North Road, West of N Blackman Ave and some of Rice Lake Rd, North of Howtz St and West of Brainerd Ave.  There are two main roads to get to Kenwood, one of them being West Arrowhead Rd and the other is Howard Gnesen Rd/Kenwood Ave.  Convenient to downtown Duluth as well as St. Scholastica and UMD.

Local Restaurants
Sit down restaurants include but are not limited to, Subway, Arby’s, Erbert & Gerbert’s and Perk Place Coffeehouse and Bakery.

Kenwood Shopping Center
Located in the heart of Kenwood is the Kenwood shopping Center.  There are several stores including but not limited to, grocery store Super One, The UPS Store, Baja Tanning, Kenwood Laundromat, Papa Murphey’s Take and Bake, Cost Cutters, Vision Pro Optical, Goodwill, Perk Place Coffeehouse and Bakery, George’s Liquor and Play it Again Sports

Stanley Park
Located in the Kenwood neighborhood is Stanley Park.  A great greenspace that sits at the corner of Englewood Dr and N Blackman Ave.  There is a small open field perfect for yard games and small picnics. 

St. Scholastica is one of Duluth’s two 4 year universities.  It was founded in 1912 and is a corner stone of the Kenwood neighborhood.  It is Duluth’s sole private college and serves more than 4,000 students.  There is 20 intercollegiate athletic teams and 50 student clubs and organizations.

Hartley Park
Kenwood boarders Hartley Park where trails for hiking, cross country skiing and snowshoeing are.  There are also several other activities that you can do at Hartley Park including fishing and bird watching as well as mountain biking.  Most of the Meadow Trail runs through Kenwood and provides the ideal trial to hook up with the rest of the park on.

Displaying blog entries 1-2 of 2

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