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Top Highlights of Piedmont

by JS Realty

Piedmont is a neighborhood in the northern part of Duluth, near Hermantown.  There are about 3780 residents in Piedmont according to the 2010 census.  Many people enjoy living here because of its great location, the great people and the great local businesses.

Located about 10 minutes from downtown Duluth, Piedmont runs from south of Anderson Rd, east Haines Rd, north of Skyline Ave and the west side of Hwy 53.

Lake Superior College:
Lake Superior College is a two-year community college and technical college located in Piedmont.  Lake Superior College offers pre-baccalaureate majors and over 90 certificate, diploma and degree programs for the career and technical fields.

Local Businesses:
There are several businesses located within Piedmont including but not limited to Piedmont Dental, Arthurs Formal Wear, Piedmont Bottle Shop, Piedmont Milk House, Uptown Hair Salon, Great Lakes Children Dental Care, Summit Dental, Farmers Insurance, American Family Insurance, Spectrum Homecare, Bolon Chiropractic, Residential Services Inc., Bridals by Bethany and The Gardening Junky.

Local Restaurants:
Located in The heart of the Piedmont Business District is Big Daddy’s Burgers.  Big Daddy’s Burgers boast the “Best Burgers in Duluth” and the owners have owned it since 2013.

Miller Creek Disc Golf Course
The Miller Creek Disc Golf Course was established in 2007 and redesigned in 2012.  Located right next to Lake Superior College on Trinity Ave the course features a 9 hole disc golf course.  The course features a variety of shots and elevation changes and is good for people who are just starting out as well as established Disc Golf players.

Places of Worship:
There are a variety of places to worship in the Piedmont neighborhood including but not limited to, Seventh-Day Adventist Church, Apostolic Gospel Church, Christ Lutheran Church, Duluth Church of Christ, Saint Lawrence Catholic Church, and Hillside United Methodist Church.

Public Schools
Piedmont belongs to the Duluth Independent School District #709.  Located within Piedmont is Piedmont Elementary School serving PK through 5th grade.

Piedmont Park
Piedmont Park is located off of W 23rd St and features two hockey rinks, a baseball field, a playground and a community center.  The community center doubles as a warming shack in the winter and is run by the Piedmont Heights Youth Hockey Association.

Piedmont features many trails that offer stunning views for the Hikers or Mountain Bikers.  Parts of The Superior Hiking Trail run through Piedmont. There are also Mountain Biking Trails that are exclusively located in the Piedmont neighborhood.  There are 3 different access points to get to these biking trails.  Hutchinson Rd access point has the most parking and is located in the heart of the Piedmont neighborhood. There are a total of 13 different trails and the length is 9 miles.  For more information click here.

Winter Driving Tips

by JS Realty

What does winter driving have to do with Real Estate? Actually, knowing how to drive in wintery conditions is important for real estate agents, buyers and sellers alike.  For real estate agents and buyers, you have to drive to the property that is being shown.  For sellers, while it’s not required that you leave when your home is shown, it is suggested that you leave so that the buyer can get an unbiased feel for the property.  Here are some tips for safe winter driving.

Give yourself plenty of time. It is important that you give yourself time to get to where you are going.  Road conditions could be slick with snow.  If it takes about 15 minutes to get to your destination, it would be wise to leave about a half hour before you need to be there.  Road ways can become dangerous fast.


Drive slowly If the road conditions are slick or snowy, drive slower than normal.  Actually speed limits are just a guideline when it comes to wintery conditions.  You should drive as fast as weather permits (however, this doesn’t mean that you should go over the speed limit).  It is always okay to drive slower than the speed limit.  Driving slower usually gives you more control to stop and maneuver your vehicle.

Give yourself more distance. It is important to follow further behind another vehicle.  Normally the rule is 3-5 seconds or 1-2 car lengths behind someone.  In winter, it is important to lengthen this time to 6-7 seconds or 2-4 car lengths behind someone.  This allows for more time to react if your car or theirs hits ice.

Be Focused. Winter driving is not the time to be multi-tasking in your vehicle.  Whatever you have to do can wait until you have reached your destination.

Have a Kit. It is always a good idea to have a shovel in your car.  It is also a good idea to have a “kit” in your car.  This kit could include a blanket, hand warmers, non-perishable food like an energy bar, road flares, red bandana (for tying to your antenna to make your car more visible), a flashlight, deicer and a good scraper.  Another good thing to have in your car is kitty litter, so that you can lay it under your tires to gain traction.  Having an extra hat, coat and gloves in the car would be helpful if you’re stuck for a long time.

Real estate processes don’t stop for winter weather and neither should you.  Just because it is winter doesn’t mean that you have to stop going places.  It is important to be safe and cautious when driving in winter mix. 

Displaying blog entries 1-2 of 2

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